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Our principal objective is to fuse the time-honoured flavours of the island with modern cuisine. Our service is very personal: We want to awaken your sense of eating at home but served by us, offering you traditional dishes with a refreshing, innovative touch.

We invite you to spend an enjoyable evening in our garden, to be amazed by our sensational dishes and to take a stroll through our garden, while we prepare one of our house cocktails for you.

We are proud to continue in the family footsteps, by opening this home, with its more than 300 years of history, to the island's visitors and especially to the residents.

¡Let's bring back the true Ibizan spirit!

Tel: (+34) 971 325 073



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BossaNova Jazz 

Sundays at Can Truy

Sunday 08th  of November from 13:00

 Hangi Oven


We are the only restaurant in Europe to have an authentic Maori oven.

We use this underground oven to prepare meats and vegetables, especially lamb, which is the star of the house.

For the cooking process, the food is placed in metal baskets, which are covered in sacking and sand. ¡The result is succulent perfection!


The Hangi will be prepared for events and special nights, We´ll invite you to see how it's made and to remember with us our famous Polynesian nights.


Coming back to Can Truy is always a pleasure.

The food is amazing and the restaurant is a classic on the island.

Esther Sánchez, Ibiza



If you would like information regarding holding an event, or to make a reservation, or to ask any questions, please leave your details and we'll contact you as soon as we can.

Tel: +34) 971 325 073 | Email:

 Carretera San Juan Cruce Santa Eulalia Km 10, 5.

Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.


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Open all year for private events.

Tel: 971 325 073  |  Email:

Carretera San Juan cruce Santa Eulalia Km 10,5 CP: 07840 Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.


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