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Press Release

The newly renovated restaurant Can Truy is re-opening its doors to the public, whilst still preserving its essence. Here tradition has a fundamental role. The grounds, which have hosted large weddings and important events (such as the Catalan Cup, the Spanish championship, the Balearic championship and various social and charity events), want to offer existing clients, as well as future clients, a personalised experience. 


For 35 years it has been run as a family business and now grandson Alexander Thomson will be in charge of Can Truy.  Adrian Hayes, who was a pioneer for tourism in Ibiza and England, came to the island in 1964, fell in love with it and made it his home and that of his family.  Our farm is more than a place to visit, it is a cultural experience for all who want to know its 300 year history.

In our new restaurant we will offer a varied menu and promise to provide fresh seasonal produce from our vegatable garden or locally sourced.  Our chef's imagination will play a very important role, who will experiment with and make the most of these products in order to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly kitchen without compromising quality. 



 One of our star cooking methods is the “Hangi” which has been inherited from Can Truy's original chef Art Thomson, father of Alexander. The Hangi is a brick oven made inside the earth, in which heat a fire is made and the heat is absorbed by the bricks and the steal base. A steal basket with the meat and vegetables to be cooked is introduced into the oven and covered with wet sheets and sacking and finally covered with sand.  This procedure lasts around three hours and produces meat that falls off the bone and is a delight for the senses.  Our favorite dish is lamb, which will be part of our menu on a regular basis.

 Our outdoor seating area is incomparable. We have a large garden with capacity for 110 people, overlooking the orchard and the pool.  On our covered terrace you can enjoy our Barman's creations and the most classic cocktails.  We have 2 interior rooms, the stone room that has capacity for 8 people and the piano room, which has a maximum capacity of 25 people and is ideal for small private events.  Our Hangi / Barbecue area is in the typical ibicencan style and is ideal for being outdoors in a more informal way.



 We invite you to take a stroll through the garden, discover our woods, enjoy our well-known Mountain Bike circuit and of course our delight in our cooking.




   We can't wait to see you! 

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